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Cultivamos, producimos y procesamos productos 100% naturales

De la semilla al paladar: control de trazabilidad total


Produces and sells its vegetables from Castilla-La Mancha and southeastern Spain, privileged by its soil and climatic conditions for the production of horticultural products.


We have our own laboratory which controls the quality of the raw material to facilitate the production process and obtaining a high quality product.


The plant s are grown under traditional techniques using traceability systems from seed selection and close monitoring of the crops in order to obtain a high quality crop and environmentally acceptable.


We are also known for having our own warehouse processing, with own plantations of crops and their plant in Albacete (Spain).

After a strict selection of the soil within the privileged conditions that represent our land in southeastern Spain, our specialized staff selects the appropriate terrain and seeds for plant ing to be destined to be.

With a strict monitoring of cultivation and well adapted to our cl imate makes our crops that are of high quality.


Our facilities are equipped with the most rigorous tests for quality products and specifications provided by our clients.

In our manufacturing process we apply a constant quality control favoring the environment.

Thanks to the innovat I’ve techniques of freezing and continuous training of our staff, we ensure optimum quality in all our products.



We have a highly experienced staff that allows us to offer the best services distribution.

A rigorous cont rol from within the field to reach the tunnels of freezing and subsequent storage of the product in our cameras, we give the guarantee for years of experience have shown that our product of fers all the controls required for deliveries to our customers .

Following the guidel inesrequired by our distribution system, all our products are temperature taken by our staff at the same time of loading in our refrigerated trucks to demonstrate that our product at all times has maintained its cold temperature.

Our processendsthe report that prompted the carrier to our product has not been altered at any time in the distribution of the same, ensuring delivery to our customers that our products pass all checks required by law.